“Ackworth School’s purpose is to create a happy and secure environment in which all pupils realise and develop their own special abilities in constant awareness of the needs and claims of others. As a BECSLink Community Hub we are able to achieve this locally whilst also benefitting from the national reach of the wider BECSLink network.”
— Anton Maree, Head, Ackworth School

Ackworth was founded as a Quaker school in 1779, to educate Quaker children ‘not in affluence’. Much has changed since then but we still state in our aims that Quaker values underpin the school.

Quakers are enjoined to look for that of God in everyone, and Ackworth is a friendly, welcoming and accepting school that embraced the ned for social mobility in 1779. We cater for the needs of every individual child in a non-judgemental environment. Students are encouraged to speak truth to power and to be active social witnesses. Quakers have traditionally been very much concerned with promoting peace, and with penal reform and ending slavery.

We have much to live up to and playing an active role in our community is central to that aspiration. Whilst use of our facilities is a starting point, delivering our support on location at our partner primary schools and within our neighbourhood is more beneficial.

BECSLink provides opportunities for young people by creating and nurturing BECSLink Communities: symbiotic groups of similarly located and focused Businesses, Educational institutions, Charities, and Sports & Arts organisations with a shared incentive to profitably do good.

Crucial to our shared approach is the idea that all organisations involved should benefit from the relationship, whilst helping young people.

We achieve this through Ackworth School BECSLink Community Hub and the extensive enrichment programme that has impacted over 13,800 students, 80 teachers and 26 schools in the last three years.

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“Since working with the Ackworth School BECSLink Community Hub our club has achieved a milestone in terms of adult membership. The coach provided has proved to be excellent and relationships between Club and School appear to be at an all time high.”
— Don Saul - Chairman, Ackworth Tennis Club
“BECSLink are leading the way in developing a model for cross sector partnerships between Business, Education, Charity and Sports organisations to support schools in deprived areas and our most vulnerable young people.”
— Lord Nash, former Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the School System